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Cuddles & Me on Christmas morning 01

Melvin and Mom 2001

Memorial Plaque that my aunt and I made.

Thanks to Melvin and Mom for helping us make this memorial.

Dad's Dobro that I'm learning to play.
My uncle, Ben, has been helping me learn
and doing a wonderful job :) Thanks Ben!!


                                 I see countless Christmas trees,
                                    Around the world below,
                               With tiny lights, like Heaven's stars
                                    Reflecting on the snow.

                                   The sight is so spectacular,
                                   Please wipe away the tear,
                                  For I am spending Christmas,
                                  With Jesus Christ this year.

                                I hear the many Christmas songs,
                                   That people hold so dear,
                              But the sounds of music can't compare,
                                With the Christmas choir up here.

                                   I have no words to tell you,
                                   The joy their voices bring,
                                  For it is beyond description,
                                    To hear the angels sing.

                                 I know how much you miss me,
                                 I see the pain inside your heart,
                                    But I'm not so far away,
                                    We really aren't apart.

                                 So be happy for me, dear ones,
                                   You know I hold you dear,
                               And be glad I'm spending Christmas,
                                  With Jesus Christ this year.

                                  I send you each a special gift,
                                 From my heavenly home above,
                                   I send you each a memory,
                                      Of my undying love.

                                     After all, love is a gift,
                                 More precious than pure gold,
                                  It was always most important,
                                    In the stories Jesus told.

                                Please love and keep each other,
                                As my Heavenly Father said to do,
                               For I can't count the blessing or love,
                                    He has for each of you.

                                  So have a Merry Christmas,
                                   And wipe away that tear,
                              Remember, I am spending Christmas,
                                  With Jesus Christ this year!!!

Mom's Masterpiece!!
The Last Supper

Moms latest creation...  Pasta to Perfection

Randy and me.......

Dinner cruise on the Bay Lady.... lots of fun!!

This is Cuddles, our baby :) . Cuddles is a 3 year old peekapom.

Pattern name is Rose. Pattern book is a French
crochet leaflet purchased from Country Yarns.

This pattern is from the same French book as the doily
above. Pattern name is Gentiane.

This doily was made for an exchange. Pattern name is
Scotch Thistle, you won't see the "thistle flower" since
I changed the pattern. Pattern is from the August 1994
issue of Magic Crochet.

This pattern is from Magic Crochet Gifts and don't have a
name. I call it Small Pineapples.

This doily was made for a friend. The pattern is from
Decorative Crochet, March 1999 issue. The name of
the pattern is Mountain Ash.

This doily is called Perennials and my favorite of all the
doilies that I've made. It's a keeper! This pattern is in
Magic Crochet, December 2000 issue.

This doily is called Artichoke and from April 2000 issue
of Magic Crochet.

This was my first pineapple, now I am hooked!

This is a doily that I designed.... no pattern yet.

Another Doily that I designed.

This doily is from a German magazine
and called Esther. It was very easy and
quick to make. This is the 2nd and 4th
one that I've made.

My first filet project. The was a pattern for a napkin holder but
I modified the pattern.... which I do a lot :)

An Afghan that I made for myself :)

Pineapple Christmas

An Afghan that I made for Randy.


The first doily that I made from a pattern. Lots of mistakes in this one. This is from a German pattern also.... I hope to make this
one again one day, without all the mistakes.

I used to pittle with flower arranging.

This is a flower arrangement that I made
for Mom.

Quilts that Mom and I made for afghans for Angels.

More quilts that were made for Project Linus.

And more quilts that were sent to project linus.

Bell for an ornament exchange.         This is a design by me...

Blue Pineapples and Fans

I made this doily for an internet friend.
Its called Venus and from the January 1983
issue of Magic Crochet.

This is the same pattern as the Venus doily above but I used
Cotton yarn and a larger hook.