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Trish's Hobbies

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My favorite past time is crocheting. Here are pictures of some of the items that I've made.

This pattern is from Lion Brand's website. I used cotton yarn and a gold pin instead of a button. I also added a shoulder strap and a scalloped edge on the flap.

Can you ever have enough pineapples?

Pineapple Pot holder

Orchestra of Pineapples - for an exchange

for an exchange



Snowflakes that I made for an exchange

from a German crochet magazine

Artichoke Doily                                           Brenda Doily
from Magic Crochet 4/00                Decorative Crochet 03/99

Down Mexico Way Doily                   Gentiane Doily
Decorative Crochet 11/97              German magazine  

Large Pineapple Doily                     Thistle Doily
                                                         Magic Crochet 08/94    

Perennials Doily                                  Pineapples & Fans Doily
Magic Crochet 12/00                      Magic Crochet 01/83

Rose Doily                                         Small Pineapple

Since I got a digital camera, I can't take enough photos. Here are a few
that I've taken locally and while on the road.

After months of trying to get a picture of these guys, I
finally got 'em. Aren't they beautiful!

This was taken in GA, not too far from the FL line.

These guys were our alarm clock while in Florida at the 5 day bracket

Restaurant on the East Coast of MD

White Dove